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Shut down fraudsters in one fell swoop by Iovation Stop Online Fraud Real Time


Finding a fraudulent account and closing it down is good. Eliminating other fraudulent accounts set up by that same computer is even better. Knowing all the computers, tablets, gaming consoles and smartphones in that fraudster's ring and completely shutting them all out of your business... jackpot.


These days, even good guys have multiple ways to get on the internet. Thankfully, iovation simplifies the picture considerably. We seamlessly track relationships between accounts and devices across all the businesses within our multi-industry, global network. Our comprehensive network contains over 1.7 billion associations between accounts and devices. We pull back the curtain and your fraudster's hidden associations are secret no more.


Here's the really good part: you can act swiftly to keep your business safe. When hundreds or thousands of individual accounts are revealed to belong to a single owner, you can use one bad apple to cut down the whole tree. Now imagine the scale of efficiency when this is applied to a global fraud ring. When your incoming transactions are linked to fraudulent activity or are exhibiting risky behavior, your pre-set business rules will ensure that proper action is taken on the spot.


Thanks to exposed device associations, WagerWorks, a premier provider of game content, put an end to 20 fraud rings operating 300 different fraudulent accounts. With this bust, the iovation system paid for itself on the first day! And MMORPG publisher SG Interactive kept game play fun and fair by shutting down 1,000 fraudulent accounts at once across multiple gaming sites. Yep, consider the day saved.

Source: http://www.iovation.com/risk-management/device-association