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Welcome to Javier Valls Abogados Barcelona Spain Fraud Lawyers

Welcome to our law firm, a tax boutique specialized in Spanish and international tax law.


Do you have questions on the best way to enter the Spanish market? Do you want to move your employees to Spain, but do not know how to manage your tax obligations? Do you wish to purchase a Spanish company and need to commission a due diligence process? Are you having problems with your VAT refunds in Spain? Do you have an estate spread over several countries and want to plan your will? This is what we do.


Our aim is to be the bridge that links investors with the country where they want to invest. Thus, the client can focus on their own business strategy knowing their foreign investments are safe from any legal or tax risk in Spain or abroad. We offer experience, know-how and a very personalized service.


Our clients are mostly large and medium-sized companies who invest in Spain or other countries through subsidiaries, branches, warehouses or representative offices. Spanish VAT, Corporate Tax and tax litigation are therefore the core areas of our expertise.


We also provide tax advice to private individuals, most of whom are expatriates or non-residents who require thorough tax planning regarding their assets in Spain, whether privately-owned or owned through companies.


Our working languages have been English, German and Spanish for many years now.


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